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Floor, Wall and ceiling works

During the stages at work it is crucial that each milimiter is correctly measured.

During the course of work, the customer usually notices little of this, but after the work you can clearly see the difference between a casual contractor and a professional handyman like for example tiles coming loose over time.

Our experienced workers get the job done with all the precision and passion for a carefree renovation.

Jobartifex will help you with these kind of works: 

  • Removal and or installation of new tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

  • Repair and installation of new floors : Laminate, Vinyl, PVC, Wood, Cast floor, carpet and tiles.

  • Interior and exterior wall finishes: Loam, Wood, Gyproc, natural or brick, glass, concrete.

  • Hide (electricity) cables in the house: Living room, Bedroom, etc.

  • Inspiration and professional advice.





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