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"The smell of oven-fresh bread from the oven in the morning, a cup of hot coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice, cozy cooking with your partner in the evening, .. The kitchen is the heart of your home, where you dine with family and friends and where you can relax after a long day away from home."

Your next Kitchen Renovation

Jobartifex will help you with all the renovation work in the kitchen: 

(Total) Renovation of the kitchen;

Wall finish with or without tiling;

Repairing, (re)placing or renewing the electricity network in the kitchen;

Laying floors in the kitchen according to the customer's wishes;

Installation and connection of kitchen equipment.

Your specialist in renovations


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Customer contacts us


A professional will come to visit the place


We will send you an offer


An agreement is made and the work is carried out according to the plan

Why would you choose Jobartifex?

Personally and individually for each budget

With the current prices for (raw) materials, renovation is considerably become more expensive.

At Jobartifex we want to communicate transparently and openly to our customers. This is why you can be sure that working with us there are no hidden or unnecessary costs popping up during our agreement. We discuss the possibilities individually and personally per customer

Excellent service

Customer satisfaction is what we go for!

At Jobartifex we guide our customers from A to Z and we are happy to think along with our customers about the possibilities.

You can be confident that our professional handymen will respect the customer needs and his property.

Professional workers

Nothing is more annoying than a messy or unsafe working environment! This is why safety during the works comes first. No dangerous situations or unpleasant surprises afterwards!

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